The Right Landscape Lighting Greatly Improves The Look Of Your Home

CL Services specializes in outdoor landscape lighting design and installation – Security, Patio and Arbor, LED and Poolside Lighting.

The Right Landscape Lighting Greatly Improves The Look Of Your Home



Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design & Installation Services

However beautiful your home is by day, using LED lighting at night really helps to highlight the features of your home and make it look truly elegant at night.

CL Services will walk the property with you, listen to your questions, offer suggestions and help you select and install the best fitting and most durable outdoor LED lighting fixtures for your home.

Outdoor Lighting

Landscape Outdoor Lighting

Security Lighting

Adding security landscape lighting enhances the look of your home and also provides a great sense of security. Security companies, as well as police officials encourage homeowners to have outdoor lighting to discourage criminal activity.

Coming home to a beautifully lit house feels welcoming and safe.

CL services can help you select and install the best security landscape lighting.

LED Lighting

What is LED?

According to LED stands for light emitting diode. LEDs are “directional” light sources, which means they emit light in a specific direction, unlike incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs, which emit light and heat in all directions. LED lighting products produce light up to 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs.

The use of LED landscape lighting can be considered for all of your outdoor lighting needs.

landscape lighting

At Corrigan Lawn Service, we treat our landscaping solutions as a form of high art: it’s beautiful, elegant, timeless, and expressive.

We employ only the most well versed, well rounded, and expressive landscape architects. You will absolutely love the work we do for you, whether it’s redoing your front yard or a new gazebo.


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Poolside Lighting

It is essential to have good lighting around your pool and outdoor living areas.

CL Services can help you choose and install the most suitable poolside lighting that can withstand wet conditions

Outdoor Pool Lighting

patio landscape lighting

Patio & Arbor Lighting

Having a patio that can be used both at daytime and night time, will make the most sense. CL Services is ready to help you choose and install the best fitting patio lighting. We only install durable LED outdoor landscape lighting fixtures made to withstand the weather.

And We Do More Than Landscape Lighting


We specialize in landscaping installations of all types, fences, decks, patios, drainage, and grading.

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Water features

We can make your water feature dreams come true! Let us make your vision a reality.

Water Features

Stone Work

We do all types of stone work, from fireplaces to outdoor kitchens. And much more!

Stone Work


There is no job too big or too small for us. Quality services at an affordable price.

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